Our European team and architects will follow step by step the process of building, starting from choosing the best land to interior design. We give particular attention to details with western standards and provide quality services to our cliente in Bali, making you feel at home in your new property.

We are capable of constructing any size of buildings with a personalised touch. We take care of the construction of villas, houses, commercial buidings and we deal with the interior and exterior design.

MAVIBA PROPERTY provides full architect services also regarding renovations or additions to all kind of buildings. We offer a service of restructuring old villas and hotels with western modern style. We develop new real estate opportunities without having to build on still untouched lands, trying to keep as much as possible the nature of this country. From an ecological point of view it is important for us to preserve the landscape of the island, building as little as possible or in a ecofriendly way, taking advantage of those buildings that reflect the history and culture of Bali.

We take care of interior renovations including complete interior, whole or partial room renovation, wall repair and repainting, bathrooms, kitchens etc. furthermore we know how to deal with exterior renovations including complete exterior, wall repairs and repainting, roof repair and replacement, swimming pools and gazebos, waterproofing etc.

We are also able to give advices on project’s documents and help you make the most of your property.